Panel Mover build

Working alone most of the time, I often struggle with moving sheet goods into my shop.  Perhaps if our driveway were concrete or asphalt, but alas we have a stone driveway.  A few years ago I purchased a product called “The Troll” which claims to allow you to easily move up to 300 lbs around a job site.  I suppose […]

Log Arch

About a year ago we had 2 American Ash trees that were killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Shortly after I attended my first green woodworking workshop where we used Ash logs as well.  Based on the size of these 2 trees, I wanted to save the wood for use in my woodworking.  My deli-ma became how to move these […]

New Spoil Board for the CNC

When I first built   my Gatton CNC (based on his Shoestring CNC), I wasn’t sure what type of a top I should use or how to affix it.  The one thing I did know is that I wanted to use t-tracks for clamping and holding my pieces.  I looked online for the best prices I could find on 3 foot long […]

Green Woodworking

Here in the area we are fortunate to have what is considered a living history museum known as Conner Prairie. Not only is it a neat place to visit, but they also offer classes for both youth and adults. I recently attended one such class offered through their Prairie Pursuits series on Green Woodworking.  The class started out by selecting a […]

Custom Stair Project

A co-worker was in the process of sharing an upcoming project they wanted to tackle at their new house.  They had seen a picture of a staircase on Pinterest that they really liked and were trying to figure out the best way they could replace their carpeted stairs with something similar.  After hearing how they were going to try and trace […]