Good coaches are hard to find and difficult to part with


A friend of the family approached me regarding their need for a special gift for a coach who was retiring. Instead of just purchasing something online, they wanted something from a local craftsperson. I was honored that they chose me for this task. After kicking around some ideas, I set about working within Vcarve Pro on my designs. Generating renderings of the finished product has to be one of the best features of this tool. It makes the job of gaining the customer’s approval a snap.

The base of the plaque was going to be in the shape of a shamrock given the school’s nickname is that of a shamrock. The wording was provided to me by the client. The swimmer and other details were ones I added for some additional flair. I think it came out well in the end… but I must admit, I did take 2 versions of these signs all the way to completion. In the end they both looked good, but I let the customer decide which one they preferred.


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