Pole Barn!


We had an FBI pole barn built in early January. We were originally told that it would be the end of February, so we were pleasantly surprised to have it begin much earlier. If you’ve never seen a pole barn built, it is really cool. I only got to see bits of the barn after work, but I wish I would have been able to see the FBI men actually raise the roof off of the ground. The entire process took 3 days, but as you can see they had to come back and put in the concrete.

FBI Pole Barn
First Glance #FBI Buildings
FBI Pole Barn
Up close #FBI Buildings

Of course, we also got a beautiful, yellow porta potty right in the front yard. Don’t be jealous!

On a side note, did you know that when you google porta potty to see exactly how to spell it, it comes up several different ways. I really thought it would be Port-A-Potty, but there were several variations. It seems like the Porta Potty was the way to go.


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