We tore down our house! Why?

House prior to demo

Many of you may wonder why we decided to tear down our house and rebuild? As Harv mentioned in his post, we had got close to adding on in 2020. It wouldn’t have had everything we ultimately needed and the cost we were quoted was $365,000 for the addition itself, but it would give us more space and the garage, and bedrooms we desperately needed. We were totally ready to do it, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be. In July of 2020, I was covering a COVID screening shift and ran across an add on Facebook about Pole Barn Homes. I had no idea what a pole barn home was, but quickly loved the pictures I was seeing. I sent Brian a text asking if he would ever consider tearing down our house and rebuilding. Immediately, he responded with a YES! Within hours of that initial text and Brian looking online at custom builders, I knew that was where we were headed.


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