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As of July 31st, the construction hasn’t begun. It turns out when you have an existing house to tear down, the process does not follow the normal timeline the builder told us about. That timeline is super delayed when you are not starting with an empty lot or vacant land ready to go. Since June 24th, not much has occurred. We had to get wait for the house to be demolished and cleared away in order for the land to be staked, surveyed, and have plans drawn up showing exactly where everything, including our new septic system, would be in relation to the property. From there, the builder has to submit for the septic permit, driveway permit (silly since the driveway has existed here since the ’50s), and a handful of other things before they can submit the building permit request to the City of Westfield. Mrs. Harv isn’t a very patient person, nor do I understand everything that has to happen to proceed. The 249th time I asked about the status, Harv responded “I thought you understood what had to happen, Mrs. Harv”. How did I respond to his bold statement? Uuuhhhmmm…1) First of all, no you didn’t! 2) Clearly not if I’m asking yet again when we will see something other than a large dirt depression and occasionally muddy trenched area, where the grass is beginning to grow and our new house should be appearing. I had an expectation that we would see movement and progress by the first of July. Folks, we are sliding into August with no signs of anything being different from 6 weeks ago.


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